The Design Museum’s Super Contemporary exhibition focuses on London design. If you could design one thing to benefit the capital, what would it be?

A pictogram wayfinding system for the London Underground. This would help tourists to find all the best attractions London has got to offer. When I’m on the Tube, I’m always being asked by tourists and visitors how to find certain attractions and places. So how about pictograms on the walls and at stops, to show what can be seen? I think this would be a great idea, perhaps along with a map. Mexico City does something similar to this, I believe.

Alan Clarke, Graphic designer, Alan Clarke Graphics

I’d design a character of unprecedented powers. This would be a creation exclusively dedicated to acts of improvement and heroism, in the interest of London and Londoners. A crime-fighting, rush-hour-busting, MP-bashing, bio-fuelled crusader. Uniting the strength of the Thames Barrier, the turning circle of a black cab and the speed of some celebrities towards a free bar, the figurehead would be a leader of truly epic proportions. London needs a superhero, and it needs it now.

Rob Wade, Director, Rare Breed

London needs a flag. Why would this benefit the capital? It would be a symbol that all Londoners could rally behind would unite us in our passion for living in the greatest city in the world. Wave it on the sun-kissed streets, hoist from the lampposts, drape over the iconic monuments and inspiring architecture, then lower it to half-mast as we trudge over pavements covered with chewing gum, are delayed by the crumbling transport system and disillusioned by our politicians.

Nigel Davies, Managing director, 300million

Rather than designing something new for London, why not create something that makes you appreciate the great things that are already there? London has more parks and green areas than any other city of a similar size in the world. If you opened up the private gardens, you could pretty much do a circuit of central London entirely in green space. I’d design an app for my iPhone to guide me from park to open square to river to take me to my destination via a more peaceful, less polluted route.

Nigel Goode, Founding director, Priestman Goode


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