Design Unity agrees on funding for future plans

DESIGN UNITY has agreed a programme of action, following a successful congress of staff of the six member bodies and publication of a yearbook detailing the organisations involved. But, while it took part in the congress, the Chartered Society of Designers has still to confirm its commitment to the venture.

A CSD spokesman says: “The CSD is an advocate of the concept of a unified voice for the design profession… however, we are currently waiting for the results of the restructuring of Design Unity, before we are able to offer any positive input.”

Funding for future Design Unity initiatives will come from a 2000 levy agreed by the Design Business Association, Design Council, Design Museum, British Design and Art Direction and the Royal Society of Arts.

Design Unity members have agreed to run the congress every nine months. The next congress will be in September.

Members agreed the need for a “clash diary” charting design industry events so the programmes of individual members do not coincide. The Department of Trade and Industry supports such a venture and DTI representatives will be invited to the next meeting of Design Unity.

The organisation will also publish a leaflet explaining Design Unity, featuring an identity by Quentin Newark of Atelier Works.

Says D&AD Chief Executive David Kester of progress to date: “We’ve all agreed we don’t want to create another structure (within design). It is about (existing representatives) working together.”

Design Unity, born of the Halifax Initiative, was set up by then DBA chairman Jonathan Sands, Design Council design and communications director Sean Blair, then CSD president Nick Jenkins and Design Week. The initiative’s remit was to address design representation in the UK.

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