Does ‘star quality’ mean more than experience?

Which way would you have voted at last week’s debate – This house believes that experience in packaging design smothers creativity – organised by the Packaging Solutions Advice Group?

Despite the efforts of Martin Bunce and Dave Allan to persuade us otherwise, the majority still thought it was experience that gave expression to creativity.

Those of you who voted against the motion have missed the point. Surely it is “star quality and talent” that are far more important than experience.

Keren House and Phil Kent argued that, for the likes of Martin Lambie-Nairn, Glenn Tutssel, Ken Grange, Frank Lloyd Wright et al, it was experience that contributed to their creativity.

Bollocks, it was having “star quality and imagination” from the start of their careers that counted.

How would the world have regarded James Dean or Buddy Holly had they lived longer? I doubt whether experience would have improved their performance.

Experience leads to fear and mediocrity. It’s the rising stars we need to discover and encourage – it’s the element of surprise that will challenge the brief.

Philip Chung

Creative director


Oxfordshire OX14 5SZ

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