‘Genetically modified’ must be on the label

NEW EU legislation, expected to be implemented in May, will see packaging designers required to label genetically modified products, after pressure from consumers worried about their possible side effects.

Manufacturers are not currently obliged to print information about genetically modified ingredients on their packaging.

A spokeswoman for the Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries & Food says the EU legislation, which the UK Government expects to ratify shortly, will make GM food labelling compulsory for all European food manufacturers.

The spokeswoman says the finer details of the legislation have yet to be worked out, but it will include “all foods containing GM ingredients… except when neither protein nor DNA resulting from genetic modification is present.” she adds.

The legislation will come shortly after a new Which? report, revealing that companies are choosing to avoid the GM issue on labels, confusing consumers.

Meanwhile, in a related poll, the Consumers’ Association found that 94 per cent of consumers questioned felt food packaging should contain information on GM ingredients.

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