Role change for Mouat at E-fact

E-FACT creative director Garry Mouat is changing his role from creative director to part-time consultant six months after joining the group (DW 4 September 1998).

The change takes effect from 17 March and will see Mouat working two to three days a week on the DaimlerChrysler account he was appointed to oversee. The rest of his time will be spent as a freelance consultant for groups including Tomato and Assorted Images.

Both parties maintain the arrangement has been reached amicably.

“This is perfect for me, because it liberates me to work on projects which might not typically go to E-fact and to stay working with them at the same time,” says Mouat.

The role change is the latest in a series of moves Mouat has made in the last 18 months. He joined E-fact after a brief spell as consultant to Assorted Images and Tomato, after leaving Bamber Forsyth (DW 7 August 1998).

An E-fact spokeswoman says the group will eventually replace Mouat, but the consultancy is not recruiting for the creative director post at the moment.

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