11 March 2010

The Sanderson look

Flicking through Sanderson: The Essence of English Decoration is like whizzing through a potted history of English decorative arts. Marking the wallpaper and textile manufacturer’s 150th anniversary, the book (by Mary Schoeser) delves into the Sanderson archives to present reams of design, from Arts and Crafts and Art Deco to 1980s country-house style and the […]

Examples of lightweighted packaging, for Asda’s Fresh Tastes and Original Source, by  Elmwood

Shrinking trick

Commercial reasons often drive innovation in sustainable packaging, but environmental benefits can go hand in hand with cost savings. Anna Richardson looks at ways of reducing a pack’s carbon footprint

Carried Away exhibition

Engaging rooms

Fancy a visit to a Victorian pleasure garden or a bit of Yiddish karaoke? It’s all about recreation, drama and excitement over static presentation, as three museums focusing on social history redesign their galleries. Maeve Hosea goes on a captivating and tactile trip through time

Luca Nichetto

Profile: Luca Nichetto

He grew up in a country that celebrates good design and still has the industrial base to commission it. Max Fraser talks to the Italian designer who goes against national stereotypes with his feel for collaboration and awareness of sustainability


The Association of Illustrators has called for designers to share experiences of moral rights infringement. What do you think is the best way to address the unauthorised use or manipulation of creative work?

…And Ant’s image was made his own charming way

I’ve always admired the musicians who do things their own way, in spite of what everyone else tells them. Scott Walker, Prince, Björk, Adam Ant… Probably not ideal personalities to work with, but I think they have stayed (and do stay) true to what they believe in. Prince pretty much owned the colour purple for […]

Albarn blurs the boundaries of disciplines and music…

The musician who I think would bring the strongest creative direction to branding projects (Voxpop, DW 4 March) is British singer-songwriter and record producer Damon Albarn. A strong and passionate artist, he is a master of reinvention and thrives on challenging himself creatively. Comfortable with working across a multitude of genres, from Britpop to alternative […]

We will miss Sam Sampson, who was a perfect mentor…

The late Sam Sampson (pictured) started advising Salter Baxter after retiring from WPP Group and brought immense experience, wisdom and charm. He helped Nigel Salter and myself, as the founding directors, build a far stronger and more focused business that believed in itself and played to its strengths. He also provided experience and support to […]

Be brave and reveal your results for 2009

So the submission date for the Top 100 Consultancy Survey is almost upon us again. I suspect that given the year we have all just been through, completing it this time around is going to be an unpleasant experience for a number of consultancies. I’ll be the first to admit that our own results didn’t […]

Inspired – Lee Bradley B&W Studio

My dad’s sketches from Carbis Bay beach overlooking St Ives. Completing my 1978 Panini Football Album. Collecting Airfix kit dry transfers and building Tamiya warships. Latvian Lem at Jacob Kramer College for teaching us how to draw nude women. Colorplan colours. Nick Jenkins and his smoking and drinking habits (hope you’re still around). Uppercase typography […]

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