GF Smith book launch is a sobering affair

What a contrast the latest book launch by paper firm GF Smith was to the last bash at London’s Serpentine Gallery, when festivities got a little out of hand (Diary, DW 14 April).

The launch of Open Air, designed by Elmwood and featuring outdoor snaps by 16 creatives, was held at Leicester Square megaclub Home. A great venue for a piss up, you’d have thought, but it wasn’t quite like that, despite a strong contingent from the Typographic Circle and others known to enjoy the odd bevvy.

To mark the occasion, organisers had jetted in US graphic design guru David Carson – one of the book’s contributors – to address the throng. But while he enjoyed a beer as he spoke, no other drinks were served until he finished. Anyone who has heard Carson knows he is never short of words, and thirsts went unquenched for what seemed an age in the hot, clubby environment.

Maybe it was GF Smith’s way of ensuring the Serpentine experience remains a one-off.

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