Go to Nykris if you just want to spend a penny

Those sharp-witted creatives at Nykris Digital Design claim to have found ‘the ultimate use’ for the latest mobile wireless application protocol technology – finding a loo in the urban wastes.

Clarifying its own ‘man and woman’ corporate identity (pictured right), which has previously been mistaken for public lavatories, the London consultancy has set the record straight by putting several central London loo signs and locations on to its new WAP site, which is available on all WAP phones.

Digital maps are provided for several areas, including Oxford Street, Hyde Park Corner and Covent Garden.

‘In moments of desperation comes inspiration,’ explains interactive producer Shashi Desai. ‘So now, if you find yourself caught short in London, you can always find a place of relief by dialling up the Nykris WAP site’ (www.nykris.com/wap).

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