Making a mark

There is more to print than ink on paper – it can be a remarkably versatile medium, ranging from old-school techniques to the latest in 3D stereolithography, on materials from fabric to glass. Jim Davies reviews a book on contemporary print-making

Cost management begins to reshape design industry

Research published last week by Willott Kingston Smith appears to point to an increasing financial maturity among design groups, with staff costs taking a necessary dip as the industry plots its course back from the slow down of 2003/4 (DW 4 May). The accountant’s Marketing Monitor report reveals that staff costs in the design sector […]

Newspaper design must evolve in order to survive

We cancelled our subscription to Design Week a couple of years ago because there was never anything in it of relevance to us magazine and newspaper designers and, quite frankly, it used to look crap. So thank you for your issue of Design Week with its excellent supplement on publishing design (DW 20 April). Mike […]


Last week, investors in a Creative Dragon’s Den competition voiced concern that design businesses are hard to scale up because they are so reliant on key people. Do you think design groups can be too personality-led? I don’t think there are enough personalities in the design business. A risk-averse, quick-buck entrepreneur may not want to […]

Gloria to publish Pelé autobiography

Gloria is publishing Pelé, a limited edition version of the footballer’s autobiography, due out next month. The book comprises a collection of newspaper, magazine articles, transcripts, book excerpts and personal memorabilia. Only 2500 signed copies will

The Lighthouse seeks new director as MacDonald quits

The hunt is on to find a new director for Scotland’s national design centre, The Lighthouse, following the announcement that founding director Stuart MacDonald will be leaving next month. Final details of a revised job specification for the post are set to be hammered out later this week at an internal meeting of Lighthouse board […]

Whingeing students

I am sick and tired of whingeing students (DW 27 April). There are no jobs! They don’t tell you that when you apply for a course, do they? There are, say, 6000 design graduates every July. So, miraculously, 6000 design jobs appear every June to accommodate these new graduates? Get real. I am sick and […]

Everyday blues

In America, a road is a national icon and even dustcarts add shine to the everyday. Why are the British so poor at appreciating the ordinary? asks Hugh Pearman I’m staring through the perimeter fence at New York’s Ground Zero, along with a gaggle of other people who have come to see what’s going on. […]

Vidakovic to take up post at Brandsmiths

Brandsmiths has appointed Sasha Vidakovic as associate design director. He will continue to run his own small branding consultancy. Vidakovic resigned from Landor Associates’s Milan office last April (DW 14 April 2005).

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