Whingeing students

I am sick and tired of whingeing students (DW 27 April). There are no jobs! They don’t tell you that when you apply for a course, do they?

There are, say, 6000 design graduates every July. So, miraculously, 6000 design jobs appear every June to accommodate these new graduates? Get real.

I am sick and tired of getting inappropriate phone calls, emails with PDF-attachment portfolios, badly-spelt letters and CVs from graduates who haven’t a clue about the design business or what we do.

Thirty years ago, of the 30 students on my degree course, about nine still work in design – 21 never did – and, of those, probably six took two to three years to find their first position. Nothing has changed.

I am sick and tired of graduates who think they are entitled to be given full-time employment in a field they choose (and on a salary beyond all expectations).

Seriously, some graduates are successfully employed every year. You have to ask yourself, why haven’t I got a job? Do something different.

Geoff Gradwell, Gradwell Corporate Design, Preston, PR2 1ZS

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