Identica rebrand puts Passagio back on track

Identica has rebranded Swiss catering company Schweizerische Speisewagen-Gesellschaft. The company specialises in catering for airports, motorway service stations, restaurants, ships, railway stations and trains.

The company will now be known as Passagio, though its rail catering service will operate as SSG until Autumn 2000.

The implementation, which began last week with the launch of the first revamped restaurant in Zurich, will be handled by Swiss design consultancy E-fact.

SSG came up with the new name itself, though Identica created the strapline: “fine food on the move”.

Movement is a theme that is used consistently on all the new material – everything from signage to menus and stationery carries graphic speed lines.

Identica creative partner Jimmy Yang explains the rationale behind the new identity. “The old identity related to the past image of SSG as a railway caterer, but the new one is much more thematic, relating to people on the move,” he says.

“The main element of the design is the Passagio figure, expressing the commitment to customer orientation, plus the Passagio star, which stands for the quality of the ambience, cuisine and ingredients used,” he adds.

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