Ideo sells NY office to its directors

IDEO has closed its New York branding operation and sold the New York office to its two directors, Brent Oppenheimer and Robin Haueter.

The office specialises in strategic branding and identity work, not a core Ideo discipline, and was relaunched last week as OH&CO.

It was set up in 1996 to support Ideo clients such as Amtrak and IBM, but now, according to a US Ideo spokeswoman, “our strategic operations are not the same as they used to be and it makes a lot more sense for us to go our separate ways at this time.

“This separation is going to allow Ideo and OH&CO each to pursue their strategic directions optimally.”

In addition, she also says that future collaboration looks likely, when strategic branding has been integrated with strategic innovation and product design.

OH&CO is going to retain its existing clients and will provide a range of brand development services incorporating strategic, creative and brand management disciplines.

The question of how Ideo will service New York clients has still to be resolved.

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