M&S comes round to the financial Revolution

Marks and Spencer is piloting two 22sqm Financial Service Centres, designed by Revolution, in stores in Chester and Warrington Gemini. The retailer is also launching its e-commerce website this week, designed by Pres.co.

The financial centres, which opened last week, offer a range of M&S financial products, from account cards to unit trusts, loans, pensions and life assurance.

The design of the Financial Service Centres incorporates a video wall with large graphics, access to the M&S Financial Services website and a freephone link to the related call centre. Private consultation rooms house games consoles and personal stereos to keep children occupied.

There is curved walling and glass partitions, and cherry strip flooring for the main areas. Carpet leads to the private consultation area, while icon signage has been developed to highlight the fast track services on offer.

“The aim of the new centres is to create a comfortable, professional environment for selling financial products, and increase awareness of Marks & Spencer Financial Services,” says Revolution’s Stephen Scott.

The M&S Christmas gift website, with 200 items on offer, is the first stage in a project with Pres.co, according to M&S head of e-commerce Peter Robinson.

Asked whether the scheme’s acceleration would involve other design groups, he says, “There are none planned at this moment in time.”

“We are looking at incorporating mobile phones and TV, but we are going to have to see what is the priority,” he adds.

The website address is www.marks-and-spencer.co.uk.

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