A good product is always the best ad for any brand

It’s not surprising that a leading product design group is ‘talking to’ a big marketing services group (Comment, DW 28 October). As a product designer it is clear that the leading product design groups are beginning to take the strategic high ground with clients.

The communications landscape is shifting rapidly, creating brand value is no longer as simple as a few cool TV ads and posters. Marketing services groups realise over-exposure has created a media-savvy generation practically immune to traditional methods.

Brand value and customer loyalty can no longer be created simply through marketing communications, but through the design of engaging, valuable product experiences that address the total multi-sensory encounter that people have with a product. Successful brands express themselves as eloquently through the product as they do through communications.

A product can be viewed as an advertisement that plays every time it is used and seen. Great product experiences are the route to brand loyalty and invaluable, word of mouth recommendations.

Product designers are no longer the people who ‘apply the shapes to the technology boxes’. Designers are now creating tangible brand strategies, which form the core of the brand experience and drives marketing communications.

Mark Delaney

Product designer

Wimbledon SW19

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