Garrick Hamm – Williams Murray Hamm

Inspiration? Give me a taxi ride any day. A long coast to coast train journey, now you’re talking. I’m much more likely to find inspiration from my surroundings, or solve a problem while staring out of a window than I am sitting at my desk reading a graphics annual.

Recently, travelling down London’s Kensington Gore I was completely stunned by a statue of Lord Napier that was totally wrapped in bright red tape! It turned out to be a piece by Royal College of Art sculpture student Eleonora Aguiari. It grabbed me by the eyeballs and I talked about it to anyone who was willing to listen.

A day later, taking an advertising brief from a client on ‘breathing life into London’s skyline’, the Lord Napier statue instantly jumped to mind. It twisted the expected into the unexpected and – unlike a lot of our work that takes something out of context, like Hovis or Wildbrew – this kept the context but changed the appearance, with equally arresting results.

From GB Lager, which was inspired by a car bumper sticker to Here!’s identity, which came from a friend’s bastardised postcard, inspiration can come at truly random moments. My ideas seem to find me as often as I find them.

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