11 November 2010

No Right To Be Here, a monthly night at Manchester’s Fac 251 hosted by Quenched Unsigned,

Sight and sounds

Design and branding have always been of paramount importance to a band’s success. Garrick Webster discovers how entrepreneurial designers are helping upcoming musicians to stand out from the throng


News in pictures

Carl Jones Design has created marketing collateral for Arts Council England’s Arts Award scheme’s fifth birthday celebrations on 16 November.


News in pictures

Webb de Vlam has worked on the design of a limited-edition bottle and gift pack for Bombay Sapphire gin.

Robot Food’s rebranding of Jammie Dodgers

Parental guidance

Bright colours and cartoon characters might seem key to branding products for children, but Emily Gosling discovers designers are just as keen to employ clarity and nostalgia to appeal to

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