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Ever thought about setting up your own design consultancy? Well, we don’t want to put you off but lists 11 harsh realities to being an entrepreneur. Pointers include looking at your first idea again as it is usually wrong, everything taking twice as long as you thought and there is no such thing as overnight success. celebrates sustainable design solutions (albeit quietly). A recent post looks at the Tuk Tuk, a three-wheeled auto rickshaw popular in developing countries, and how to reduce its CO2 emissions. It’s reported that a Dutch factory has devised an electric design solution. Check this link to find out more.

Disappointed you missed out on D&AD’s Pecha Kutch-style President’s lecture (which sold out in record time) last week? Fear not. D&AD has kindly posted a teaser video of Graham Fink’s funny road to self-discovery. For the full lecture, which also features the likes of Simon Waterfall and Mr Bingo, you’ll have to sign up.

For all art, music and photography lovers – this site is just for you. Come into Land promotes young and talented contemporary artists from across the globe. The site is content-rich with music videos, photography, art exhibitions and more. You can also upload your own work to the site to be featured, promoted or reviewed.

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