Debating the deeper issues in the digital downturn

It was sad to hear of the demise of Deepgroup (DW 27 September) and I am sure I am one of many who send our heartfelt sympathy.

The questions that remain are what will arise from the ashes and what does it tell us about digital and new media consultancies?

The value that has been placed on such groups over the past few years has to many been seemingly high, yet as our world gets smaller so the need to talk to a wider market gets bigger. So if everyone perceives the need to communicate and market on-line what is it that causes the downfall of groups that provide access to just that.

Perhaps the answer is this – the need to research and communicate on-line is more intense than the commitment to buy on-line.

With the amazing speed in which products reach the market it is probably not surprising that sometimes a product will reach the market without anyone being completely sure of how they will benefit from it. How do you get around that problem?

If there is anything we can learn it is that the typical customer may take a little longer than the Internet gurus to see value in something new. And while there are a number of ‘leaders’ who will recognise the benefits from the outset it is getting the millions of ‘followers’ to see it too that is going to be the challenge. In other words too much too soon.

I really hope that the great example set by Deepgroup in terms of they way it worked and its approach will not be forgotten and that we see the return of those involved in some form in the not too distant future. Here’s to you Deepgroup for having the guts to be different. Keep trying.

Max Eaglen



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