The Identica Partnership loses 20

The Identica Partnership has completed the review of its staffing levels announced last week (DW 4 October). As a result 20 people will be taking voluntary redundancy over the next two months.

The group, which comprises Identica and Tango, refuses to reveal how many designers are involved. ‘I have no need or wish to answer that question,’ says commercial director Tom Austin. The redundancies are drawn from all sections of the organisation, a statement says.

Austin comments, ‘We have maintained the whole company profile and maintained all existing client offers.’

No more redundancies are anticipated, according to Austin.

‘We have resized the company in line with expectations of market conditions. In the future you can never rule it out, but it is not our expectation,’ he says.

Austin adds that the staff affected would have first refusal on freelance work or rehiring if market conditions improve.

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