Inspired, Helen Keyes, The Brewery New York

What inspires me? How can I live in such an energetic city as New York and not say ‘it’ does? Well, it is not the city itself but its people that inspire me – the mix of ethnicities, the noise, the energy that is created by everyone. It is hypnotic.

I love the fact that one of my favourite museums – The Metropolitan Museum of Art – is mobbed with visitors of every age, shape and form. The main lobby – the Great Hall – is as busy as Grand Central at rush hour, with people lining for $20 (£10) tickets to see the latest exhibit or simply meeting for a drink on the roof terrace… and seeing the Frank Stella installation while they are up there.

We have waited ten years for the renovation of the Greek and Roman wing and, true to form, it has been a raging success, with people from all over coming to see it. Knowing I can visit anytime I wish to drink in these amazing collections of art – made possible by the people who created them with a spirit and vision that I hope will inspire anyone who visits – and who, in turn, will energise and make New York City even more hypnotic – is my source of inspiration.

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