Staff leave as DIA restructures

THE recent restructuring at DIA is believed to have played a part in a number of resignations among senior staff. Board director Martin Kelly and senior designer Andrew Spencer have handed in their notices in the past fortnight, while two other senior staff have left over the past two months. Two more departures are expected in the coming weeks.

Kelly is serving his three-month notice and is considering his options. Spencer is joining Dewe Rogerson on 6 October.

DIA chairman Barry Salter says there is nothing strange in the turnover rate for a consultancy of its size. DIA has 47 staff.

“I am fascinated that some people are trying to stir things up by suggesting there is something amiss here. There are some people who worked here who would want to spread bad stories. You should not take these things as gospel,” he says.

In the past six weeks senior implementor Jean Dring and creative services manager Sam Shahir have also left DIA to join Real Life.

All staff who have left have been replaced, and those serving notice will be replaced when they leave, according to Salter. Staff numbers have risen slightly from 45 in December 1995, he adds.

Sources close to the consultancy attribute the staff turnover to changes in management structure and personality clashes between employees and senior management. Lopex Group, which owns DIA, publishes its results this week.

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