BBC to roll out redesigned news website

BBC News is set to roll out a new, responsive design to its website and introduce a redesigned app.

This is the first major redesign for the past three years – a period in which the platforms have been “largely unchanged” according to BBC Future Media general manager of news products Robin Pembrooke.

The new BBC News website has been designed with mobile users in mind, according to Pembrooke, who says that in the UK 50-60 per cent of all visits to the site come from mobile users, while in some countries the figure is over 90 per cent.

He says: “Our original website was not designed with users on mobile or tablet in mind and we need a cost-effective solution that works for everyone, on all devices.”

The new BBC News website features a “cleaner design” and surfaces more video content than the existing site, according to Pembrooke. It also features new navigation and a “Find Local News” function.

Pembrooke says: “The new [design] will also allow us to deploy new features quicker and respond more effectively to feedback in the future.”

The new BBC News website design has already been running on mobile devices and from the end of the month users will be invited to use it on an opt-in basis. Pembrooke says: “Based on feedback from users we will then look to roll out the experience to all users.”

Alongside the website refresh, the BBC News app is getting its first redesign for four years.

Pembrooke says a number of new features are being introduced, including more video content, improved photo galleries and a personalisable “my News” section.

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