Electrolux launches new identity

Prophet has rebranded Swedish appliances company Electrolux, creating a new typographic identity anchored by a bespoke typeface which has been inspired by the Electrolux mark.

The consultancy says it has worked with Electrolux for five years and last year was asked to undertake a strategic assessment of Electrolux with the view to rebrand it.  

Old logo
The previous identity

The new identity features a customised font, which has been developed for the wordmark but will also be used elsewhere across the brand.

Prophet has worked with the typographer Toni Hurme on the font adapting Hurme Sans to create Electrolux Sans, which also takes cues from the Electrolux mark.

Electrolux Sans

The Electrolux mark was originally created by Carlo L Vivarelli in 1962; it has been given more prominence in the rebrand and is sometimes used on its own.

The new identity sits with a set of lifestyle images which show how products might be used.

Prophet creative director Hector Pottie says that as a whole the brand has been redesigned to change its emphasis so that it “communicates the human benefit of products” while also “unifying markets in different regions globally”.

Prophet says the new identity will give the brand “more stopping power in retail environments”.

The new look will roll-out across packaging and point of sale, and has been designed with online and mobile in mind.

Electrolux group chief marketing officer MaryKay Kopf says that the company is looking to position as a “consumer-driven innovation brand”.

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