Jazzercise reveals new visual identity

Fitness dance company Jazzercise has rebranded and updated its visual identity, with the aim of modernising the image of the dance style. 

The revamped design of the brand includes bright colours and sharp lettering, focused on “intensity and results”, the company says. The branding is understood to have been created by CBX in New York.

The identity includes a new logo and brand mark, which Jazzercise founder and CEO Judi Sheppard Missett says reflects the brand’s new message – “You think you know us but you don’t” – incorporated to represent change in the company.

“Some people still think legwarmers and leotards when they hear Jazzercise, but we left the 80s behind a long time ago,” Missett says. “We’ve recharged our brand to reflect the edge, energy and intensity of our classes and to reach out to a new audience.”

Alongside the new identity, Jazzercise has also updated its class portfolio, expanding their offering from four to five different dance classes.

The 45-year-old dance style is a mixture of cardio and resistance training, Pilates, yoga and kickboxing. The company has more than 8,300 franchises in 32 countries worldwide.

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  • Beverly Glass November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Edge energy and intensity. Have you really checked the ages if the people enrolled in your program? If you really think super fast paced “dance” routines with “work a muscle to the burn” exercises are the draw for more people- and I presume you are seeking more younger students than you really haven’t learned what made you popular and effective in the first place! Having ballet, step aerobics, weight lifting, and cycling as my background I was drawn to Jazzercise for the dancing and fun it provided! Regularly joining other woman and enjoying it was the motivation! Losing inches and weight was the bonus! What you are doing now reminds me if my weight lifting/ Jane Fonda workout days- effective maybe, but grueling and definitely not fun!!!

  • Molly Klocksin November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Jazzercise has changed with the times and added strength building formats, Kickboxing, etc. But the music, instructors, and peers in class keep it fun enough to keep coming back!

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