Clinic identifies Government bid

HM Treasury and the Cabinet Office is launching the identity for a departmental programme called Invest to Save Budget, created by Clinic.

The ISB initiative has been set up to promote joint working practices between Government departments, local authorities and public services organisations such as the emergency services and health authorities.

Non-departmental public bodies and public corporations are also being encouraged to participate in the new Government programme.

For its identity, designed by Clinic designer Charlie Bonallack, the ISB will use an “elegant” serif font and a “bespoke ‘S’ character in order to emphasise the saving nature of the initiative,” Bonallack explains.

As well as creating the corporate identity, the group has designed stationery and identity guidelines for the ISB.

A spokesman for the ISB initiative says that Clinic is putting the identity to work in a wide range of supporting material.

The consultancy has produced an eight-page brochure explaining exactly what the ISB consists of and aims to achieve.

Clinic is also working on event graphics for presentations and workshops being organised for the ISB programme.

The Govern-ment expects that a total of £380m will be spent on ISB projects from 2003 to 2004.

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