Open Agency to float Liverpool exhibition

The Open Agency has been commissioned by National Museums of Liverpool to design and co-ordinate the main temporary exhibition at the Merseyside Maritime Museum during 2005.

Titled The Only Way To Cross, in reference to a period advertising slogan, the exhibition will focus on the influence of transatlantic liners travelling between Liverpool and New York from 1840 to the present day.

The Open Agency is charged with creating 2D and 3D materials, including graphic panels and object reconstruction. The consultancy will also design interactive elements such as ‘infotainment’ touch screen kiosks, as well as video and audio material.

Merseyside Maritime Museum senior curator Tony Tibbles approached the group in February this year, after he had seen its work for an exhibition on-board the Queen Mary II liner (DW 11 December 2003).

The exhibition will run from February to August 2005 and coincides with the Liverpool’s Year of the Sea celebrations.

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