12 August 2010

The art of noise

Popular music and visual imagery go hand in hand. Whether mainstream or counter-culture, artists have celebrated their wares via album covers, posters and flyers throughout history. According to The Art

Random deals

What’s Everton FC got to do with a Thai beer, and Arsenal with a Middle Eastern airline? Helen Hartley takes issue with the haphazard nature of many football sponsorship deals


Packing a punch

Many brands are looking for innovative ways of making their packaging stand out, drawing on emerging technologies and sustainable methods to engage with their audience. Maeve Hosea considers a range

Silvia Filippini Fantoni

Profile: Silvia Filippini Fantoni

With her strong background in history and personalisation technologies, this versatile Italian was destined for a career in museum interpretation, but has just moved across to a consultancy management role.


Heinz is unveiling a new 1kg plastic container for its baked beans. What is your favourite packaging design, and why?

Best of the Web

www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8sR-9vMrgELast week we brought you Michael Johnson’s thoughts on Virgin Atlantic Airways’ new aircraft livery, designed by his consultancy Johnson Banks and unveiled last month. This week we bring you

Matters of the art

Artists should be wary of trying to create functional objects, while designers do best when they bear fitness for purpose in mind and stay clear of design art, argues Hugh

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