Designroom Sport rebrands FA tournament

Designroom Sport has rebranded The FA Umbro Fives tournament, to aid the Football Association’s aim of making it the biggest tournament of its kind.

The FA says it wanted the brand to ’reflect the modern look and feel of the small-sided game’ and reference the tournament’s Wembley final as its unique selling point.

Designroom Sport creative director Tim Fox used to work for the FA’s in-house design team and was invited to present ideas for the project in February.

The consultancy sought to modernise the brand and make it more ’urban-looking’, Fox says. The FA allowed its marque to be adapted, but Umbro wouldn’t give consent, says Fox.

’A dynamic “s” reads as both a “5” and an “s”,’ says Fox, who has incorporated the Wembley Stadium arch, referencing the Bulletproof-designed Wembley identity, which launched in June. Bulletproof designed the Wembley Stadium brand for the FA, which wanted it to represent all sporting and non-sporting events held at the venue.

Designroom Sport has worked up print communications including posters, commissioned a photoshoot and left the FA with guidelines.
Dare has created the new FA Fives website, which will launch fully this week. It takes its cue from the new branding work and shares a colour palette of green and black with the addition of white highlighted text.

Prospective teams can find their nearest qualifying venue through an embedded map and postcode search, enter a team and learn more about the tournament. Dare has also created a Facebook channel for the brand and a film starring footballer Michael Owen.

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