A De Vil of a job for Archangel

Imagine being commissioned to create a chair which must not only be puppy proof but also safe enough for screen star Glenn Close to recline upon.

This was the task set north London furniture design company Arcangel when it was brought in by the art department of Wizzer Productions at Shepperton Studios.

Arcangel partners Caroline Vivian and Davey Boyall designed a host of pieces for the set of Walt Disney’s film of 101 Dalmatians, which is released today. The group’s brief was to create an evil environment for the baddie of the piece, played by Close.

The scenes set in Cruella De Vil’s fashion house and mansion are graced by a chair with hoofed feet and zebra upholstery, a wing-sided tea trolley, and a 4m-high archway entrance with animal legs and four wings. And, of course, a table with dogs on it.

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