Blimey! Anyone with excess cash to splash this Christmas is advised to blow 1500 on a short story. The books in question are not antiquarian, but they are rare. English novelist Julian Barnes and artist Howard Hodgkin have combined their talents in Evermore. Designed by Herman Lelie and bound by Rob Hadrill at Bookworks, Evermore is a Barnes short story interspersed with illustrations. Not your run-of-the-mill illustrations, mind. These are hand-coloured prints by Hodgkin and, as such, are worth quite a few quid each. The limited edition of 50 books includes two extra prints thrown in and a silver case. The more mundane 150-copy regular edition only costs 750. The publisher is Palawan Press. If you want to buy one, you flash git, phone 0171-243 0366 for details.

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