DoE prefers mustachioed look

The Department of the Environment’s new marque may not be the most imaginative answer to an identity crisis, but it has certainly inspired creativity from one unknown source.

Some pencil-wielding joker has sent in these offerings. He apparently “couldn’t resist it”, which is obviously how the DoE felt about Hieroglyphics’ logo

Dear DW

Is one of the strategic reasons behind the new Department of Environment’s identity internal motivation? If so, well done for introducing a moustache into the design.

Many of my moustachioed friends are delighted to have this element of their personal grooming taken seriously by someone.

Trevor Gamble

Gamble Design


Dear DW

Vitriolic thoughts went through my mind when, wow!, a stunning, ground-breaking new identity. Like being back in the early Eighties. A swish, a swash, a graphic thing, a swirling dervish loose and free, joyful and playful, human and friendly.

An unpaid pitch and low budget doesn’t mean it needs to look like it. What the hell is that thing anyway? Where did it come from, who does it belong to and doesn’t he want it back? I know Letraset does quite a few of those shapes, but that still costs a few bob.

Percy Pencil

Sharp’end Design

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