Springpoint plots a route

Realism is one of the guiding principles behind the first Clean Motor Show, which will be launched in Spring 1999 by the Ark Foundation. The organisation proposes practical solutions to environmental problems, which will not have an adverse effect on lifestyles.

The identity for the show, created by Springpoint, is based on the idea of ‘vroom without gloom’. Ark is keen to promote the concept that the latest generation of Green vehicles perform just as well as old ‘dirty’ ones, and intends the show to be a forum for manufacturers to let the public know what steps are being taken to make cars cleaner.

The Escher-inspired result (main picture) blends a Formula One-style chequered flag with birds flying into a clear sky, and is intended to bleed off the page. The image has been applied to the letterheads and brochures to be sent to industry figures and opinion-formers. There will be a public launch closer to the event.

Though Springpoint considered a number of design options before deciding on the final proposal, ‘Escher was with us from the beginning’, says creative director Mark Pearce, because of the idea of blending the previously conflicting ideas of performance and environmental friendliness. ‘The client was keen to avoid the sandals and lentils image,’ he adds, and the chosen design was felt to be more suitable for a serious motor show than some of the more esoteric suggestions.

Design: Springpoint

Client: The Ark Foundation

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