Swatch going down the tubes in NY store

Swatch’s new flagship store, called Timeship, opened in New York on Monday. It is designed by Pentagram’s London and New York offices.

The London team, led by partner Daniel Weil, and New York partner Jim Biber, collaborated on the 500m2 store.

Weil claims to have created a store where “machinery is personality”, like a Swatch watch. He has sought to incorporate movement in the design, principally through a glass vacuum tube system which displays and delivers watches throughout the store.

Also contributing to the theme of movement are projections and lighting installations. A giant watch dominates the bright blue metal facia.

A “Club Chamber” includes a wall display of classic Swatch designs, while a mezzanine is home to “Dr Swatch”, where customers can buy batteries and straps.

The third floor houses a Swatch Gallery and Runway, where customers can sit and drink coffee while waiting for their watches to arrive.

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