On-line banks must invest in structure and content

In response to your piece High street banking still wins over on-line offers (DW 21 November), the ICM research is too simplistic in its portrayal of consumer attitudes.

Consumers don’t select their bank on trust alone. For many products they are primarily motivated by getting a great product deal. This is particularly the case with credit cards and short-term loans where many consumers sign up with on-line banks because of the unbeatable product deals that are being offered.

These great product deals and pro-consumer approach of on-line banks are positive points of differentiation from traditional banks. These points should be reinforced by the overall design of an on-line bank’s website.

A problem only exists when a website focuses too much on the visual aspects of branding without paying enough attention to issues of website structure and content.

Sites that pay attention to all three aspects inspire consumer trust because the site is easy to navigate and content talks directly to consumers’ interests and needs.

Heidi Noujeim

Account director


London W14

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