12 February 2004

The eye of the brainstorm

Hugh Pearman doubts he will win the design competition he just entered, but it’s not about the winning, it’s the time, thought and effort required to take part

Channel 4 launches gscEase website

Channel 4 has launched website gscEase, designed and branded by Cimex Media. The microsite of www.channel4.com offers learning support for students and teachers of vocational GCSEs.

Turner Contemporary opens in Margate

Turner Contemporary, a £20m art gallery, opens on Margate’s stone pier in 2007 and promises to offer a diverse programme of art. Much of this will ‘echo the pioneering approach’

Cog designs On Tour

Cog has designed On Tour (below), the biannual drama and dance magazine published by the British Council. Cog was briefed to bring a magazine sensibility to On Tour’s design.

NHSU free pitch deters designers

Consultancies have reacted to a controversial Government free pitch by withdrawing from the process. Two groups have declined to pitch for places on the NHS University roster in protest. Industry

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