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Following the BBC fall out after the Hutton Enquiry, how would you rename the corporation?

‘Changing the BBC’s name would be equivalent to it sexing up its own dossier – subconsciously or not. Much of what the BBC stands for and does – to inform, educate and entertain, accurately and objectively – remains. Substantive reforms are needed; changing its name is not. BBC is the most famous and respected three-letter name in the world. Keep it so.’ Mark Lee, Director, Watermark & Co

‘Hutton’s focus of complaint was not primarily directed at the BBC brand itself, but rather at an out of control sub-brand within the vast corporate empire – the Today programme. Renaming the BBC would merely provide another dreaded Consignia moment. But perhaps the nation’s favourite breakfast news programme should be renamed the Balanced Diet‚ or even the Measured Mouthful.’ John Holton, Partner, Figtree

‘What can you say? A large corporation has gone against all the rules in the book and leaked confidential information to a hungry nation – would we expect anything less? The BBC brand is a heritage icon, a national symbol. A rename could be more devastating than what has already happened. A simple word in their ear, such as Better Be Careful may be more appropriate.’ Lucy Smith, Design Manager, Creative Action Design

‘Following Greg Dyke’s parting instructions to BBC staff not to be “cowed” by Hutton, why not something along the lines of a battleship, like HMS Dreadnought. BBC Fearless, perhaps.’ Brian Eley, Partner, Dunning Eley Jones

‘I was at the BBC that day and the emotion and anger was palpable. The only name that can do justice to the sense of bemusement everyone felt would have to be Because Blair Can. Or perhaps those protesting outside would rather see it renamed Blair’s Bitch Channels. A more suitable long-term name might be Bye Bye Credibility.” Victor Benady, Chief executive officer, Random Media

‘Stick with BBC… Beware Blair’s Cronies.’ Richard Scholey, Creative Director, Elmwood Leeds

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