UK groups scoop seven wins at Mobius awards

British designers scored well in the 24th annual Mobius Advertising awards in the US, with UK consultancies scooping six of the 16 prizes in the packaging section and securing a brochure win.

Lewis Moberly and Design Bridge led the British entries with two wins apiece. Design Bridge won for its Terry’s Chocolate Orange packaging, and for Crown Berger’s paint brochure in the home furnishings category.

Lewis Moberly chalked up successes for Dettling Kirschwasser and for Johnson & Johnson’s Reach Toothbrushes.

First prizes were awarded to Pemberton & Whitefoord for Tesco’s Italian Bread Range and to PI Design for Gaymer Group’s Vox cider. Elmwood’s design for Nuttall’s Curiously Strong Mints completes the UK success story.

Mobius chairman JW Anderson says: “This year’s winners have once again demonstrated that innovative packaging and design excellence can transcend cultural differences.”

A record 35 countries participated in the competition this year, with the number of packaging entries up 50 per cent. Presentations will be made on 2 February.

*International Brand Packaging Awards organiser Murray J Lubliner is launching an awards scheme for the automotive parts and accessories industry, including packaging design. Deadline for entries is 3 March. For information call 0101 212 734 7841.

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