US-style restaurant for London

American restaurant and live music venue Dick’s Last Resort is coming to London as “the antithesis of a good restaurant”.

The group’s first site outside the US will open in Covent Garden in partnership with British restaurant group Break for the Border, with interiors by Dallas consultancy Image Group.

The 836m2 site, due to open in early May, will feature “everything that is quintessential ugly American”, says Image Group owner George Toomer, who designed interiors for the chain’s six existing American restaurants.

“It is designed to look something like an alley between the backs of buildings,” Toomer adds.

The venue’s American roadhouse honky tonk image features concrete floors and warehouse lighting fixtures. The unisex “waitrons” are trained to be surly to add a “comedy interactive standpoint”, says Toomer.

The chain is looking at new sites in Dublin and other major European cities.

Expansion in the US continues, with one restaurant under construction and three further sites being considered.

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