By playing it safe, Mr Kipling redesign has lost its flair

I wonder if Mr Kipling hasn’t played it a little too safe with this redesign [by Vibrandt], and opted for something that is so tame it lacks any inventiveness or originality (DW 5 January).

Now, of course, the mantra of any design consultancy must be to follow the brief and answer a marketing objective. But we would hope that this could be done with a certain amount of flair and creativity.

Here the pack has been reduced to a form of design not seen since the 1970s. We can only wait and see if the public returns to this product with renewed enthusiasm, but I can’t help wondering if some research document hasn’t been given a little too much prominence in the briefing.

Martin Dawe, Managing director, Martin Dawe Brand Design, Slough SL1 4TU

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