Mr Kipling redesign by Vibrandt is past its sell-by date

I’ve never seen such an example of appalling, outdated ‘design’ as Vibrandt’s efforts to restyle the Mr Kipling packaging (DW 5 January). I can only deduce it was done under duress, strictly to instruction from RHM, judging by every bit of available space being taken up by messages (seven in all).

As packaging design foreman on last year’s D&AD Awards jury, I was asked to comment on Mr Kipling packaging. I wrote: ‘For the very first time I’m tempted to try the man who makes exceedingly good cakes. I just hope they give it a real chance to work and don’t clutter it up, which happens in this market’. Prophetic. But never in my wildest nightmares did I anticipate such carnage.

Like a ship of state, turning a dying brand around needs time and commitment. Neither were afforded to Turner Duckworth’s appetising work. Whatever will RHM do when this fails the test? Bury Mr Kipling would be my guess. RIP.

John Blackburn, Executive creative director, Blackburn’s

Drinks Brand Design Consultants, London W1D

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