Hodges Associates has created the exterior branding and interior exhibition environment for a 16-week European roadshow to launch Ascentis, British Airways World Cargo’s new facility, which is scheduled to launch

In a wild tangent…

In a wild tangent that any media-savvy politician attempting to survive a Jeremy Paxman interview with an ounce of self-respect would be proud of, Glazer has been inspired by randomness

Human League’s latest album

Peacock Design has created artwork for Human League’s latest album, Secrets, released at the end of July. The group photographed the pop stars separately and then put the shots together

BT museum project branded by Cobalt

The brand identity created by Cobalt for BT’s multi-million pound museum project Connected Earth, which showcases the UK’s telecommunications heritage, will be unveiled this week. The launch of the identity

DBA acts on restrictive contracts

Design consultancies are being trapped by restrictive, anti-competitive and potentially unlawful contracts, Design Week can reveal. However, there is likely to be little action from the Office of Fair Trading

WPP buys and merges MCA

WPP Group has augmented its brand experience offer through the purchase of The Marketing & Communications Agency, an international internal communications specialist.

Bright sparks

In-house design groups have made a big impact on this year’s Creative Survey and there’s also some new entries igniting the tables.

Jaguar on hunt for design group

Jaguar is on the prowl for a design consultancy to undertake a major brand review, and has shortlisted seven of the UK’s top design groups. Landor Associates, Imagination, Fitch, Pentagram,


London Museums by Andrew Wylie is published on 23 July by Ellipsis. The book describes 70 of London’s musuems.

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