Free design should not be dull design with Queen’s Golden Jubilee logo

In reference to the Queen’s Golden Jubilee logo by Nicholas Jenkins Design (DW 28 June), I am not surprised to learn that the design of the logo was completed free of charge.

If Britain still considers itself to be a leading light in the global design community, and a country proud of its monarchy and heritage, then to produce such a dismal effort for such a major national celebration is something of which we should be ashamed .

Simple, it most certainly needs to be. Boring? Dull? Predictable? It didn’t have to be, but it is.

It must have taken considerable thought to put a crown in the centre, run four words around the outside and then just slap a completely inconsistent 2002 inside the crown.

Does free design also have to be dull design? Does anyone else have a view?

Mark Elgar

Head of sales & marketing

Barsby Prince & Partners

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