Jaguar on hunt for design group

Jaguar is on the prowl for a design consultancy to undertake a major brand review, and has shortlisted seven of the UK’s top design groups.

Landor Associates, Imagination, Fitch, Pentagram, Attik and The Partners are understood to be taking part in a creative pitch during the first week in August.

The consultancies have already presented credentials.

The luxury car brand, part of Ford’s Premier Automotive Group alongside Aston Martin and Lincoln Mercury, has shortlisted the seven consultancies after originally talking to 20, according to corporate identity manager Louise Arnold.

Details on the project and the consultancies’ brief are being kept strictly under wraps, but the project is understood to be a full corporate identity revamp.

It also includes a fundamental review of the brand and recommendations on how it should progress.

The chosen consultancy is also understood to be expected to act as guardian for the Jaguar brand.

Jaguar has been trying to gain a stronger foothold in the luxury car market and create legitimate competition for BMW.

It recently launched its X-Type sports saloon, which is an attempt to attract a younger audience at a lower price point than Jaguar has traditionally relied on.

Originated in 1997 under Jaguar’s then head of design, the late Geoff Lawson, the X-Type is also designed to appeal to more women (DW 16 March).

Some 15 000 Jaguars were sold in the UK last year and it is hoped that the X-Type will help double this figure in the first two years.

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