Lioncreative packs lunch with Choc Dips livery job

KP Foods is relaunching its range of chocolate dips in eight weeks’ time, with livery created by Lioncreative.

The consultancy, which has worked with KP for about three years, has also repacked its Philleas Fogg salsa dips and tortillas. The Philleas Fogg repacks are being rolled out in supermarkets this month.

The last redesign of Choc Dips was in the late 1990s. According to a Lioncreative spokesman, the new look is designed to bring the packaging into line with the rest of the dipping market. “Although there are no other chocolate dipping products on the market, there are lots of others, such as cheese dips and yoghurt dips. We wanted to put it into the same sort of band,” he says.

It is also intended to make the product more attractive to its core target of fiveto 12-year-old children. “It is aimed at the kids and particularly the lunchbox market, but [the previous design] wasn’t very childlike,” he adds.

The project does not affect the structural packaging but involves the creation of a Choc Dips cartoon-style character and a new logo. It will be applied across the range of white, orange and original chocolate.

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