Met Studio creates drug information centre in HK

Met Studio Design has been appointed to create a drug information centre in Hong Kong as the region battles against a rising trend in drug use among the younger population.

The US $4.9m (£3.5m) centre, commissioned by The Narcotics Division of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, will open in 2003 in the heart of the commercial district. It will be used to explain the harmful effects of recreational drugs and help counter the growing use of dance culture drugs such as ecstasy.

The consultancy will work on the design of the exhibition. It has yet to be decided whether an additional group will be appointed to work on the branding of the initiative or if Met Studio will be handed the task, says the group’s head of content Chris White.

Designs for the project, which take the form of a permanent 700m2 interactive exhibition in a two-storey exhibition hall, will be influenced by Hong Kong street and youth culture.

It will showcase the development of Hong Kong’s anti-narcotic work past and present, and highlight future plans for tackling the problems of drug abuse.

Targeted specifically at young people, it is hoped that the exhibition will also be a focal point for drug education and community involvement activities, as well as providing support for parents, professionals, teachers and workers in the anti-drugs field.

The consultancy won the work via a credentials pitch against four unnamed international groups.

The appointment of Met Studio is another example of the growing demand for UK groups on overseas design projects. Recent examples include: Red Pepper ID’s work for Chinese State Television; and Minale Tattersfield & Partners’ work for Israeli oil company Delek.

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