The Trafalgar interiors work by Harper Mackay

I read with much interest your feature entitled Accommodating Chic (DW 5 July). However, I felt somewhat dismayed that your article did not mention or credit Harper Mackay. I can only assume that this was an oversight, and therefore thought that I should clarify our involvement in this exciting and successful venture by Hilton Group.

As interior architect for The Trafalgar project, the consultancy’s involvement began in 1999, when it was commissioned to produce the overall spatial and conceptual criteria for the hotel.

As well as this, Harper Mackay was responsible for the bedrooms, the bathrooms, the “front of house”, as well as setting the general ambience and the design flavour for the hotel.

The concept was approved by Anthony Harris, managing director of Hilton Group and was developed alongside and finally implemented by the Hilton design team. This co-development is not usual on this type of project and a similar format was used on our involvement on London’s St Martins Lane hotel project.

David Harper


Harper Mackay

We ran with the credits we were given by the hotel’s representatives. As is often the case in such projects, the credits supplied proved to be incomplete – Ed

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