Scottish Water brainstorm


Apologies to Scottish Water for choosing its work to illustrate my point. To be honest, it could have been almost anyone, but these designs particularly inspire me and, let’s face

Crafts Council logo

The Crafts Council

The Crafts Council has unveiled a logo refresh and updated print collateral, by Intro. The latest identity (right) is part of its strategic push to strengthen the UK as a

Tolstoy and Conrad

If books could kill

Gruesome health warnings may have stubbed out the art of cigarette pack and matchbook design, but their forms smoulder on, appropriated by more worthy products. Fiona Sibley investigates


Silver service

The over-50s may have more time and money than other age groups, but targeting this demanding demographic can be a challenge: digital communication has to be accessible, functional and informative

caravan 1

Drag race

Caravan designers are now thinking outside the beige box, with streamlined styles and innovations that complement today’s active, outdoor lifestyles. They also enable users to take a break without adding

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