2012 logo could win hearts – and cash – but there’s no story

The heated debate surrounding the Olympics logo has surely missed the point – namely, that we’re left talking about the design itself rather than the message behind it.

What is the story for 2012? In the absence of meaning and of a truly differentiated and compelling proposition, we talk about the logo – what else do we have to talk about?

Offering an entire ‘brand experience’ rather than just a logo makes commercial sense, too. If we hold the ‘Hi-tech games’, then IT sponsors will be queuing at the door; if it’s the ‘Games for children’, there will be no end of relevant companies to consider.

So, Seb Coe, Keith Mills and Paul Deighton, it’s no wonder that people throw their hands up in disbelief – give us a bit more than just some fluorescent squiggles to talk about.

Bob Bayman, Explorer and pathfinder, I-am associates, by e-mail

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