Real Time definitely not owned by EHS

I read the article about Evans Hunt Scott starting up a new media division with some interest (DW 6 June), particularly the section that mentioned it is part-owner of Real Time Studio. I have been managing director of Real Time Studio for six years now, and while EHS is one of my best clients and we host some of the websites it is developing I can confirm it does not own part of Real Time.

We have a satellite unit of Real Time staff working within EHS as we do at WCRS, Andersen Consulting and Price Waterhouse, but these are our people working on our equipment.

The Nineties have proved that working in partnership with suppliers is far less risky and ultimately more profitable than investing thousands of pounds in equipment, staff, training, software updates and so on.

I wish EHS the very best of luck with its new interactive unit and we will offer it our continuing support as a partner for both its new media and traditional studio work.

Phil Jones

Managing director

Real Time Studio

London W1

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