Manchester Literature Festival rebrands

Manchester Literature Festival is set to reinvent itself next month under a radically different identity, created by Mark Studio.The festival, now in its third year, is evolving with an expanding

Is ‘advergaming’ the future?

Advergaming has grown into a powerful, design-dependent medium, embraced by everyone from fast-food giants to Bupa and the Science Museum. Margaret Robertson wields the joystick in the lucrative terrain between

Tasting the latest food retail concepts

London’s streets are awash with food retail concepts that muddy their offers with coffee and sandwiches. Clare Dowdy looks at three new players taking a different approach, using branding and

So what exactly is universal design

‘Age is not an illness’ blasts designer Diana Kraus in Oliver Herwig’s book Universal Design: Solutions for Barrier-free Living. Another page is devoted to another quote, this one by James

Seeing Green

With designers a crucial ingredient in almost every product that gets made, our potential impact as a force for change is enormous. And the first place to start, when thinking

Rule of thumb

There are an overwhelming number of rules and regulations governing all things Green. There are also an increasing number of Governmental agencies, not-for-profits and industry bodies producing information on sustainable

Green light for change

Print is a significant part of design work – and designers’ incomes – yet specifying sustainable paper is an eco minefield. Simon Creasey looks at how designers can fulfil their

Rocking the cradle

The best design thinking has moved on from ideas about reducing consumption and minimising eco-damage, says Henrietta Thompson. They still matter, but the new cradle-to-cradle thinking is about avoiding such

The full service

With businesses everywhere looking to achieve greater levels of sustainability, John Stones examines the track record of three design-led companies, and asks if upgrading products rather than replacing them could

Means to an end

What happens when end-users become involved in design? How does it affect the design process, and what effect does it have on sustainability? Clare Dowdy explores the concept of co-design,

Happily ever after?

One way to change the future of the planet is to influence the next generation. Nick Smurthwaite looks at illustrated eco books for children, which are capturing imaginations and getting

Waste not, want not

With waste packaging volumes continuing to increase, the need for designers to contribute to the development of sustainable products has now become more urgent than ever. Paul Gander looks at

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